Into The Forest

The Ultimate 3 day overnight Advanced Inside Out Adventure - Equine Life Coaching Adventure

Advanced Equine Life Coaching Adventure "Into The Forest"

On the advanced Equine Life Coaching Program we head out on a 3 day/ 2 night adventure. This is where true freedom starts to run through our veins.  Horseback riding is an amazing way to experience places unaccessible by foot.    The adventure brings a sense of true accomplishment traveling with your equine partner for through the rugged terrain of Central Oregon.  Travelling the Metolius-Windego trail that parrelles the Pacific Crest trail.  With a support vehicle close by we have the best of both world knowing we are “out there” and knowing we are safe.  


Dr Sharon Elizabeth Allison LAc DAOM

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An Advanced Overland Expedition From Camp to Camp

We Plan Our Logistics Carefully  And Head Off Into The Forest.    

The Ultimate Equine Life Expedition   

 An Advanced Inside-Out Adventure   

Equine Life Coaching Expedition – Into the Forest   

An Expedition in Leadership and Personal Power   

    This three day advanced overland adventure takes us horseback riding deep into the forest.  The nature of this expedition is to ride is to keep moving forward, through obstacles and terrain. We see new vistas and sit by streams allowing the beauty of the wilderness wash over us.   

  The Into the Woods Program is a prerequisite for the Into the Forest Program.  We will be building on our connection with the horses and taking the trust we have built into a more dynamic location for both humans and the horses.  We will be practicing endurance in staying present and in the moment as we cover over 30 miles of terrain.  Keeping our hearts open we focus on the steadiness our horses offer us taking us on this journey.   This is where we put into practice our authentic selves and personal power. 



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In the Central Oregon Wilderness or on the Todos Santos Beach


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