Meditation With Mustangs

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Life Coaching with Horses

Dr Sharon Allison LAc DAOM has designed an equine Life Coaching Program.  Leave the world of zoom behind and feel the freedom of outside.  Horses are an amazing reflection of ourselves. This is where we can really learn what is going on the inside.   When we start to reconnect with ourselves we can hear and feel the incoming  information that will lead us with inspiration.  The sentient nature of horses will guide you into your personal meditation practice.


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Meditations With Mustangs


Are you feeling like you need a little more connection with your own source energy?


This two hour session is designed to help bring you into alignment with your personal, powerful source connection.  Meditation is a personal journey for everyone and meditation does not have to be just sitting.  It can be feeling the moments of connection and contentment.First we stand with the herd and see which horse appears willingly, offering their time and wisdom to share with you.   Our horses are all trained and safe these are not wild mustangs.  We will start our session by calling on the spiritual Eponaquest horse cards of Linda Kohanov who wrote the book The Dao of Equus and explore the archetype theme of your session.  Then in a safe and closed round pen the two of you will start to experience each others energy using breath-work and conscious grooming practices.  Horses are highly sensitive beings and can sense every breath and heartbeat that is near them.  You will be shown a coherent breathing technique that will help you and your horse become in-sync and regulate your heart rate.  Horses communicate at a much higher vibration than humans and offer information via full thought forms and images. However, just as you are learning to trust the horse, the horse is learning to trust you.  This is not an excerise in expecting information from the horse. This is a lot to ask and we expect so much of them already.   This is an opportunity for you both by being present together they offer you a bridge to hear the wisdom from your own true source connection.  Offering them your open heart allows you a portal to receive the messages you are needing to hear.


These sessions are quiet in nature with soft guidance and once you are feeling comfortable there is time to  explore your connection alone with your horse with  your guide close by.  You may just like to sit quietly with your horse or spend time brushing his mane and tail.  This is an intuitive session that is different for everyone.  As we bring the session to a close there is time to debrief and chat over a cup of tea.

These sessions can be powerful, calming and inspiring.  They are good for anyone wanting to reignite that connection with themselves for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health. 



Meditations with Mustangs 

For non riders this session allows quiet moments to bring us messages from our true connection with source.

Into the Woods 

3 wilderness rides increasing in diffilty takes us on a magical exploration into the woods and into ourselves. 

Into the Forest

3 day overland wilderness ride taking us deep into the forest and even deeper within ourselves. 

Into The Night

This 1.5  hour ride will bath you in moonlight and awaken your senses and sense of adventure.

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