Trail Ride Horse Leasing & Equine Education Club

Scheduled Club Rides Daily

Lease our trail friendly horse on a hourly or monthly basis.  Learn about consciously connecting with your horse and join us for Wellness Adventures in Central Oregon and Baja Mexico.

Visitors to Bend Oregon Welcome.

Wilderness Horse Adventures Club Trail Rides scheduled on a daily or monthly basis. New club members welcome.   Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced rides.


How it works

  1. Call us on

503 360 3130

2. Chat with us about the best social trail riding or equine educational membership for you and your family/friends.

3. Join the club e.g daily club fee $20 & Monthly options

4. Enjoy club member horse leasing discount. $90 per hour

5. Ride with a certified member of the club

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March-Dec – Bend Oregon – Wellness Adventures, Educational Programs / Sessions and Workshops

Jan – March Todos Santos Baja Mexico Winter Wellness Adventures



As a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine I bring the Principles of Daoist Philosophy to Equine Education.

Adventures, sessions and workshops March-Dec Bend OR & Winter Wellness Adventures in Todos Santos Baja California

Looking For Acupuncture In Bend Oregon Visit Sentient Spirit Ranch.

Call 503 705 5771 for scheduling. Acupuncture, Tuina Massage, Micro-needling.

Call and talk to us about our social riding club options 


503 360 3130


Meditation with Mustangs & Conscious Equine Education

2 hour sessons & 2 day connections  An introduction to horse handling and equine energy

Horseback riding in Bend

Baja Wellness Adventures & Cowgirl Camps


6 nights 7 days  in Todos Santos Horseback Riding, Fishing, Surfing, Whales, Baby Turtles, Acupuncture, Yoga, Massage


Horseback riding in Bend
Horseback riding in Bend

 For those Exploring the Inside-Out Adventure

Spiritual Equine Adventures

Authentic Power – Tools For Conscious Creating

     Wilderness Horse Adventures also offers an “Inside-Out” experience. Authentic power comes from within.  When we align our personality with our inner desires and wishes we start to manifest at an exponential rate.    

Starting with a two hour Meditation with Mustangs session we explore how horses can help bridge our ability to connect with our inner world of emotional guidance.  Learning to trust our direct connection with our inner beings and the messages we receive by reinforcing the stream of consciousness that flows towards us.  By opening our hearts to the horses we open a portal to receive information from our true source energy.  This is a progressive program starting with the Meditations with Mustangs session and can be experienced as a single session or multiple times.  Into The Woods includes the Meditation with Mustangs session.  Research from the HeartMath Insititute.




Meditations with Mustangs  

This non riding session opens the portal to our connection with source energy.  All denominations of thought are welcome here as we connect to our personal source/god energy.


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In the Central Oregon Wilderness or on the Todos Santos Beach


We do our best to answer or return every call.  Due to times being out on a ride we return all unanswered calls between 4-8pm everyday but you can call us 24/7 and leave a message.

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