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For Those Exploring the Inside Out Adventure - Equine Life Coaching

Spiritual Equine Life Coaching Adventures

Dr Sharon Elizabeth Allison LAc DAOM has designed an Equine Life Coaching Program that takes us out on the trails.  Feel the freedom of outside.  Horseback riding is an amazing way to experience nature. This is where we can really slow down and listen to what is going on the inside.   When we start to reconnect with ourselves we can hear and feel the incoming  information that will lead us with inspiration.  The sentient nature of horses will guide you into your personal connection and true life purpose.


Dr Sharon Elizabeth Allison LAc DAOM

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Winding our way through the trees, crossing bridges and splashing our hooves in the creek crossings.

This is the feeling of freedom!

 For those Exploring the Inside-Out Adventure

Spiritual Equine Life Coaching Adventure – Into the Woods

Explore Your Authentic Power

    This three day adventure takes us horseback riding into the woods and far away from the impulses of our everyday worlds. It is here that we can feel the portal to new vibrations that we know are our future. With three trail rides increasing in technique we wind our way through the trees, gaze at the river and allow new information and inspiration to flow directly  to us.

Starting with a two hour Meditation with Mustangs session we explore how horses can help bridge our ability to connect with our inner world of emotional guidance.  Learning to trust our direct connection with our authentic power and the messages we receive by reinforcing the stream of consciousness that flows directly towards us.  By opening our hearts to the horses we open a portal to receive information from our true source energy. Day one we enjoy a sunset ride, day two a river ride and day three a wilderness ride to a crater lake. This is a progressive program that will offer you the opportunity to learn equine skills at a relaxed pace the chance to step into empowerment with horses and yourselves. starting with the Meditations with Mustangs session and can be experienced as a single session or multiple times.  Into The Woods includes the Meditation with Mustangs session.  Research from the HeartMath Insititute.

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