Can I Arrange A Personalized Adventure For Just Me and My Friends?

Absolutely that is exactly what we do.  We can help you plan your adventure so you can to see what you want when you want


Cancellation Policy ?

We try to make this process as easy as possible.  As we require guests to purchase travel insurance to cover for trip ( we sign you up for an nominal fee the day of your adventure just like rental car insurance) cancellation and unforeseen medical expenses can be recovered easily!  Just contact the insurance company directly and follow the policy guidelines to be refunded for your trip.  If the ride is cancelled on our end for any reason we will happily offer a 100% refund.

Can I Choose My Horse When I Get There ?

If you feel you are being drawn to a particular horse then we will do our best to accommodate you. We do like to chat with you about your experience and see if that horse is going to be the right connection for you.