Central Oregon paddleboarding In the high desert is a glimpse of nature, nowhere else to be experienced. Paddle on Sparks Lake with South Sister reflecting into the waters around you and Mt. Bachelor at your back. The Deschutes river offers spectacular views of wildlife and nature.  Golden and bald eagles soar overhead, beaver and otter frequent the pristine waters 

Central Oregon paddleboarding is a way to find the balance, to center yourself and align with the natural spirit within you.  If you have never been on a board, our guides will instruct you in paddling stance techniques, safety, and paddle strokes. 

Paddle boarding can just be a casual walk on the water, or it can be a specific core or cardio vascular workout.  It is an excellent way to tone your body as well as cleansing your spirit.  There is something about the way your paddle enters the water, that pull you feel through the shoulders, translating into motion and how to refine that that motion.  Engaging the muscles for the most efficient use.  Releasing the resistance and going downstream with the flow, effortlessly!   That might be the essence of paddle boarding. This is what happens when we get into the waters.  Life is better, and we smile from the joy of our surroundings.

If you just want to hang back at camp after a couple days on the trail, you might want to get out to experience, and enjoy the local waters around us.  Refresh yourself at Three Creeks lake in Sisters, Sparks or Elk lake in the high lakes of the Cascades, or Benham falls or the Deschutes river south of Bend.  There is something amazing to be seen around every point or bend in the river. 

If you are interested in Central Oregon paddle boarding, let us know and we can help facilitate your experience. 





From Kim Correls book.


Central Oregon is on the east side of the Cascade Mountains, in the transition zone between the rainy west and the dry east. The riding here is amazing. We have more than 1,000 miles of horse trails, plus 14 horse camps within a 1.5-hour drive. The terrain is gentle, the forests and mountains are beautiful, and the weather is sunny. Understandably, Central Oregon is a popular vacation spot for equestrians from all over the Northwest.

One of the most interesting trails here in Central Oregon is the Metolius-Windigo Trail, which runs 150 miles from the Metolius Basin to Windigo Pass. Built for equestrians as a lower-elevation alternative to the Pacific Crest Trail, the Metolius-Windigo Trail is also popular with hikers and mountain bikers. The trail runs on a combination of single-track trails and dirt forest roads, and the entire distance is signed with yellow diamond trail markers on the trees. At both ends the Metolius-Windigo connects with the Pacific Crest Trail.


The Metolius-Windigo runs along the eastern foothills of the Cascade Range, through forests of ponderosa pine, fir, and hemlock. Elevation gains and losses are gradual, the trail tread isn’t rocky, and the occasional views of the nearby volcanic peaks are breathtaking. And did I mention the always-sunny weather?