Horse Leasing Options

Why Lease A Horse?

1. As you develop your skills you might like to experience different horses according to your skill level.


2 Leasing offers you the flexibility of ownership without the expense of unexpected vet bills, set feeding times and 24 hour care.


3. When you are not sure which horse to buy leasing can offer you a variety of eperiences.


4. If your circumstanses or interests change you do not have to sell the horse.

5.It does not have to be a long term commitmen

6. Leasing may be the best way to ride the unicorn you are looking for because nobody will sell you a true unicorn they keep them 😉

Option 1

Join the club on a daily basis and lease horses on an hourly basis for social rides. Everyone welcome locals in Bend and Visitors.  See available club rides here. Max of 4 people per ride. Scheduled social club rides daily.

Option 2

Join the club on a monthly basis and enjoy the discounted club benefits for horse leasing and eductional programs. View our monthly rides and educational programs here.

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